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Why is communicating important?

We spoke to some young people in two different schools about communicating with other people. They told us they think being able to communicate is important. You need to communicate so that you can learn at school, make friends, work in teams, and get a job.

But it’s not always easy to communicate. There are some times when the young people said it was harder.

Communicating is a skill and some people are better at it than others. And like other skills, it’s something you can get better at it. Here are some tips for to help improve your communication skills.

Some children and young people have difficulties with communicating, and we say that they have speech, language and communication needs. Read here what it feels like for some young people who have these difficulties.

We asked the young people who they thought was a good communicator. Many of them said some of their friends and members of their family were good to talk to. Some others said that they had teachers who were funny, or that they always got their point across. 

We also asked which of the following celebrities is the best communicator: Wayne Rooney, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Catherine Tate and Jonathan Ross. Find out who scored best here.

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