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Tips for school students

  1. By now, your teachers and an officer from your Local Authority should have begun to plan with you about what to do after school finishes. This is called a transition plan. This work should have started at your Yr9/10 review meeting to look at progress in your EHC plan. Stick with this plan.
  2. You probably describe yourself having a 'learning difficulty'. In future, many of the forms and information you read about help you can get use the word 'disability'. This is ok because disability officially includes SLCN.
  3. You might be lucky and have a local Careers Service to help you with this transition. But many have disappeared and those that remain have lots of different names. Look on your Local Authority website to find out if they have a Careers Service.
  4. There is a National Careers Service for all of England but they do not have a disability specialist. So they won't be able to offer much help to you – just basic information.
  5. Teachers and other professionals at your school will probably give you the best advice. They will use their experience to tell you what worked best for other students in your position.
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