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Tips to make communicating easier

  • If you can, be prepared. Plan what you are going to say. Maybe making some notes before your need to talk will help. This is particularly helpful if you are talking in groups, or to people in authority.
  • Be confident to say that you haven’t understood. It is fine to say “I heard the first bit, can you just tell me that last bit again?”
  • Practise some good ‘conversation starters’. These are helpful when you need to talk to people you don’t know. Things like “did you see X factor at the weekend?” or “what music are you into?” will help you to start talking to someone when you don’t know them.
  • Some people find it helpful to make notes, to help them remember what they need to do. So, in class they make sure they write down all the detail of their homework tasks. This means they don’t forget important things
  • Think carefully about who you are talking to. Remember that you need to talk to teachers in a different way to the way you talk to your friends.
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