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Ready Steady Talk

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Ready Steady Talk

Ready Steady Talk! is an activity book of great games to help children get ready for pre-school and beyond.

Are you and your child ready for pre-school?

Going to and moving through pre-school are big steps for any child, and you play a vital role in helping your child to develop the speech and language skills they need. Ready Steady Talk! is a fun-filled activity pack developed by I CAN’s speech and language specialists and comes highly recommended by early years professionals.

The games and activities in Ready Steady Talk! help your child by developing five core skills:

  • Paying attention and listening
  • Understanding what is said
  • Learning new words
  • Making longer sentences
  • Talking socially

The book includes eight pages of invaluable information for parents and carers. Ready Steady Talk is sponsored by Openreach.

ISBN: 978-0-9565855-1-6

This resource is also available inside the Working with Under-5s: Understanding Communication Development Toolkit.

Now available in Welsh - Order here

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