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Finding the right school

If you have a child with speech and language difficulties, finding the right school is a priority.

By 'the right school', we mean one able to support your child's needs. This depends on a number of factors, which you find difficult to judge. So to help you, we have put together a checklist and some questions you might ask when you visit different schools.

And we've done this for primary schools and for secondary schools.

We've also written a description of two different scenarios, showing how a child is well-supported. One example is at primary school, the second is at secondary school.

Primary School

Secondary School

Please note that the features described here are for the perfect school for a child with SLCN. Of course, no school is perfect and so there may be features that you don’t see as you look around, what is important however is the way that the school responds when they are asked. You can expect a school to respond positively to a suggestion, by saying “that is a good idea, we will think about that” as this will show a desire to support pupils with SLCN as best they can. You would not of course expect a school to give that response to all your questions!

Also, of course, some of the checklist points and questions may be irrelevant for the education of your child. If so, you might be able to adapt them to form more relevant questions.

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