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Welcome to The Communication Trust’s supporting website for the delivery of the Early Years Mandatory Pathway Unit 5 (EYMP5):“Support children’s speech, language and communication” of the new the Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce Diploma

Please see the most up to date and relevant resources to ensure learners reach the assessment criteria of the EYMP5.  These materials will also be relevant and useful for other units of the Diploma.

The resources will be useful for a range of practitioners looking to develop their skills or the skills of their staff and colleagues surrounding speech, language and communication development.

We are happy for tutors to reproduce and duplicate these materials but please acknowledge The Communication Trust. If you are a private training provider or using these materials for purposes other than the direct delivery of the EYMP5 we welcome you to use content within these materials as long as your products are not being sold for commercial use.

The Communication Trust EYMP5 pack

Please find below tutor and learner materials which include links to the diploma as a whole, supporting resources along with portfolio tasks and activities for learner portfolios.  Also included is a PowerPoint presentation with supporting information for tutors.

Supporting resources found here

  • The Communication Trust website has a range of booklets which present SLCN clearly and offer greater understanding of what SLCN may look like within your setting which can be found at  Of particular use are:
  • Misunderstood, Misunderstood explains what speech, language and communication needs are and includes advice and guidance on how to support communication development. It is aimed at those who work with children and young people to give an introduction to the subject
  • Don’t get me wrongDon't Get Me Wrong looks at speech, language and communication needs in children and young people. It is full of useful information and advice which you can use in your setting. It is ideal for SENCOs and teaching assistants those who work with children and young people and have some understanding of speech, language and communication needs but would like to find out more
  • Universally speaking 0-5 Ages and stages of children's communication development for children aged birth to 5. This booklet gives advice and guidance on how to encourage communication in children aged birth to 5, explains what children will likely be doing at a given age and gives top tips for what you can do as a practitioner and in a setting.
  • Small Talk, This booklet provides information about what helps children aged 0-5 learn to talk and listen, whether they are on the right track and what to do if the parents have concerns about their child.
  • Material taken from Early Language Builders, These materials have been made available by Elklan to support this unit and provide a wide range of different ideas and strategies to support speech, language and communication
  • Top Tips for Early Years Practitioners, DVD clip, I CAN - this links to the DVD clip from Learning to Talk, Talking To Learn which supports activity 2b, Top Tips for Early Years Practitioners.
  • Ages and Stages poster, I CAN

Supporting web addresses for each learning outcome

Learning Outcome 1

Learning Outcome 2

Learning Outcome 4

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