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Parent/carer FAQ's

We know that each child and situation is different. But we also know that there are some questions that come up again and again. Our team of speech & language therapists have written the I CAN Help Factsheets, based on our most frequently asked questions from parents, carers and practitioners. Take a look at the downloadable Factsheets below for information on a wide variety of topics.

How do I find a speech & language therapist?

My 15 month old isn't saying many words. Should I be worried?

My two year old isn't saying many words. Does this usually happen? What should I do?

What is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)?

What is Verbal Dyspraxia?

What is a lisp and what can I do to help?

What is Glue Ear?

My child is stammering. How can I help?

My child isn't talking clearly. What can I do?

My child is learning to speak English as an additional language. How can I help?

What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

What are the top 10 Toys for the Development of Communication Skills?

How can I help my baby's language to develop?

How can I help my child to lean new words?

What can I do to help if my child has speech, language & communication needs (SLCN)?

What is a communication supportive environment?

What are visual timelines and how do they help?

How can I help my child to make communication easier?

What apps can I use to support speech, language & communication skills?

How can books help my child's language?

How are language and mental health connected?

How can I explain my child's speech, language & communication needs (SLCN) to their siblings?

What's the link speech, language, communication & literacy?

How can I help my child with dealing with changes?

How can I help my child who isn't talking at nursery?

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