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DVDs and Books

These resources and many more can now be found in our Resource Database.

Babbling Babies
A pack of 30 fun activities to be played with babies from birth to 18 months old, to support their speech, language and communication development.
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Baby and Me 
A DVD giving simple tips to try when communicating with babies. In Arabic, English and Sylheti, Polish and Portuguese.
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Baby’s here
Handbook with one half for Dads and one half for Mums. Very accessible and down to earth. The Dads’ part, in particular, discusses interaction and learning through play.
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Baby Talk 
A new childcare programme that aims to improve your child's language development and ability to concentrate and learn, and to enrich imaginative play and maximise potential intelligence
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Chatter Matters
The DVD contains a fascinating programme offering dozens of brilliant ideas to help you develop your child’s speaking and listening skills throughout their preschool years.
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Communication Cookbook
A resource book of activities to support children’s language and communication. It contains simple recipes to help parents and teachers to develop these in skills in children aged four to six.
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Everyday Babycare: learning to talk
A practical, user-friendly guide answering the key questions parents ask about their child's language development
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The Parent’s Voice: Advocating for your Child
This 30 page booklet aims to encourage and empower parents to become involved in influencing and improving services for children and young people. 
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Ready, Steady, Talk!
An activity book of great games to help children get ready for pre-school and beyond.
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Talk Together
A simple 8 page illustrated booklet which explains the importance of language, the key milestones in a child’s speech and language and development, how to support children’s language development, and what to do if they think there is a problem
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Toddler Talk
A pack of 30 fun activities to be played with toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old, to support their speech, language and communication development.
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Top tips for tiny tots
A CD-Rom and web-based resource.
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Transfer to Secondary School: Moving on Moving up
The aim of this new pack from Afasic England is to help families and schools support pupils with speech, language and communication impairments as they transfer from primary to secondary education. 
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Watch your language
A resource for parents/carers of young people 11+ to share with youth and leisure services. 
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