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Supporting Children's Communication

There are lots of things you can do to encourage your child at this stage:

  • Building relationships with your child's pre-school or school is very important. Find out what topics or songs they are learning. This can help you support new words and ideas your child is learning.
  • Playing board games that involve taking turns helps them to listen and concentrate for longer.
  • Encourage children to talk without being questioned. This can help them to talk more about their experiences. Open questions like 'What are you going to play with today?' encourage children to say more than 'yes' and 'no'. If they find it difficult to answer such open questions, give them choices, such as 'cars or animals?'
  • Although children may know lots of different words it is important to introduce new words and phrases. This helps them to continue learning.
  • Having fun with words and rhymes can help children learn skills they need for reading and writing.
  • Children may need time to think before responding to questions and instructions. Give them time without answering for them or finishing their sentences.

The following resources can help you to support your child's speech and language development:



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